Any “Good” Agency Vs. Orpical — Sifting Through The Noise


Welcome to Orpical Group.

If you’ve spent some time digging around on our website you might be wondering:

What makes Orpical different than other digital marketing agencies?

This is a great question!

Competitive advantage is a relatively simple subject for most industries, but it’s tricky when it comes to marketing and advertising agencies. There is a massive pool of creative talent who are readily available and fighting over a very select list of good opportunities.

This results in paralysis by analysis for many marketers during their internal agency selection process.

To better illustrate the complexity of the question, and ultimately address your question (yes, we promise not to talk in circles till you forget why you even came here in the first place), we’ll first look at a number of different reasons why you should choose us.

Why Choose Us (The Any Good Agency Version)

These are the answers that most agencies think clients want to hear. They sound sexy and roll of the tongue, but in actuality, they’re not unique at all.

Every halfway decent agency says and does these things, but let’s pretend for a second like these are exclusive to Orpical Group:

  1. We treat clients as collaborative partners and view their success as a measure of our own.
  2. We have an obsessive focus on maximizing ROI — our clients have seen tremendous revenue-driving success across e-commerce and lead generation verticals.
  3. We are an industry leader in [insert digital marketing service here].
  4. We are a results-driven digital marketing agency, we apply a data-driven methodology to improve marketing results and business outcomes.
  5. We are full-service marketing and advertising experts, always building a unique matrix for every client. Everything we do is custom-tailored to each client’s budget, timing, and growth goals.
  6. We encourage transparency and provide clear lines of communication every step of the way.
  7. We treat every client’s business as our own.
  8. We deliver more with less.
  9. We develop digital marketing strategies that are based on a solid foundation of research, detailed metrics and proven performance.
  10. We take pride in designing, developing and delivering integrated marketing services for companies of all sizes throughout the world.

Sounds good, right?

Okay, time for us to come down back to reality.

Here’s a shocker:

The above bullet points are literally copied and pasted from various digital marketing agency websites (including our own).

Side thought: I wonder what Google thinks of the content produced by digital marketing agencies? I bet their algorithm goes into overload trying to determine whether or not it’s duplicate content. We’ll save that for a future post.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of the points. They’re all good — and everything that you should expect from a marketing agency.

They’re just not unique.

They are the absolute bare minimum that any agency needs to implement to simply stay in business. Can the bare minimum be your competitive advantage? I hope not.

I produced the above list in less than 30 minutes. All I did was go to Google, search digital marketing agencies in [random city] and pull the copy from the “Who We Are” or “Why Choose Us” sections. I did this for roughly 100 different websites. It was tough to even come up with 10 somewhat “unique” bullets. The content out there isn’t verbatim, but it’s all essentially the same, just re-worded.

There is nothing really special about most marketing agencies, especially on a service level. True differentiation is found in proprietary data, experience in specific verticals, relationships, and people. The last two being possibly the most critical.

Even branding is a false pretense. There’s a reason why the largest agencies in the world are companies that you’ve never heard of. It’s the old conundrum of the shoemaker’s kids have no shoes.

If you are a marketer looking to embark on an agency selection journey, this needs to be remembered. You’re likely going to hear a lot of the same jargon from presentation to presentation. So we thought it best to let you know know that all these promises are little more than ornaments. After a while, all the pretty little ice sculptures dissolve into a puddle of muddy water.

Why Choose Us (The Exclusive to Orpical Version)

At this point, you might be on the fence and kind of bummed out. Sorry, but it was important for us to break you down so we can ultimately build you back up. It’s easy to read into everything we’ve just shared as negative.

“So, what you’re saying is that there’s no hope? That the industry is helplessly flawed and there is no individuality?”

It’s a common reaction, but a gross misunderstanding. It’s the complete opposite.

Many people fail to remember that digital marketing agencies are people-first businesses. So much emphasis is put on the task at hand (a new website, managing digital advertising campaigns, automating communications and sales channels) that the most important agents (the people) are lost and all forgotten.

The secret to a successful agency selection isn’t in the end product or service provided; it’s finding the outside visionaries that effectively jive with your company’s culture, mission, and internal people to collectively meet your goals.

So, why choose Orpical?

Well, for starters — what other digital marketing agency have you come across that actively markets against themselves to prove a point?

We’re bold. We’re passionate. We’re talented. We know what we’re doing.

So…What Does This Mean For Me?

It’s one thing to know what every other agency is doing wrong. But self-awareness is little more than a party trick if it doesn’t create a tangible return.

At Orpical Group, we can do everything the other agencies promise — and we have the track record to prove we can do it even better. But that’s the bare minimum, and no one wants to spend money on the bare minimum.

We aren’t interested in business relationships that start and end at the paperwork. We’re people with big ideas, big aspirations, and the unrelenting work ethic to realize them. If that sounds like the kind of team you need for your goals, let’s start talking.