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The “A” In Orpical Stands For Altruistic

The “A” in Orpical stands for Altruistic. In our mission statement we state: As a profitable company, we will have the capital to be devoted to the welfare of others. On behalf of our employees, clients, vendors, and friends, in the past few weeks, Orpical has donated to the following organizations: Cathedral Kitchen Cathedral Kitchen […]


The Business Coaching Entrepreneurs Ignore

Your own experience is often the business coaching entrepreneurs ignore. Probably because you cannot put a price tag on it. We can maintain the most accurate schedules, but ultimately, we cannot predict the unforeseen problems that life will throw our way. Being a CEO puts me in a position to have other levels of management extinguish […]

5 Pitfalls of Entrepreneurship and How To Avoid Them

It doesn’t matter if you’re the owner of a small, family-owned architectural firm with a modest staff of 12, or if you have built a Fortune 500 company from the ground up. When it comes to big business, size doesn’t matter. Most entrepreneurs dream big. They are all in, even if that means working longer […]


What Businesses Can Learn from the NFL and the Deflategate

Roger Goodell photo courtesy of Zennie Abraham. As if they haven’t gotten enough bad press following wife beating and child slapping scandals, the NFL gets another black eye following what has come to be known as deflate-gate. Is it a black eye though? Maybe to some but the entire incident has garnered unprecedented press for […]

Working With a Website Design Firm

Many businesses, regardless of size or type have a website. As a matter of fact, many consumers won’t consider conducting business with an entity that doesn’t have one. As a result, countless “build your own website” companies have emerged. They offer themes, graphics, content…just about every tool required to build a decent website. Their popularity […]

On Drive

Drive: I suppose I could call it motivation, but the word isn’t fast enough or strong enough. I’m a NASCAR enthusiast, so I suppose I have a predisposition to the term Drive. I’m not sure it can be taught. I’m more prone to believe it’s an inherent character trait. To possess Drive is not to […]

What Orpical Stands For

At Orpical, we have employed corporate social responsibilities to: assist and educate our community, clients and employees consistently evaluate innovative products and service offerings explore and cultivate tangible growth-opportunities “With great power, comes great responsibility,” first wrote Voltaire.  While that might be cliché, and debatably a badly placed pun, there is plenty of bearing. What Orpical Stands […]

War Heroes Make Great Business Leaders

At first thought, it doesn’t seem that a war hero and a business leader would have much in common. It’s hard to imagine that executing a mission on a battlefield is the same as winning a new account, boosting profits, and hiring the best employees. Sure, this may not be an exact translation, but the […]

Reeling In Business Loyalty

Without a doubt, the lifeblood of a business is its employees, business partners, and clients. Therefore, business owners and executives must plan and execute those practices that are conducive to receiving and maintaining loyalty from these groups. A business that is transparent and has a firm footing in integrity is one that is experiencing success […]