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How to Design a Logo the Right Way

You could be the owner of a small, family-owned architectural firm with a modest staff of six employees. Or maybe it’s just you and you’re running a Kickstarter campaign for a new product that helps keeps kids safe on swing sets. You could even be responsible for building a Fortune 500 company up from the […]

Cyber Security Threats to Small Businesses

Finding solutions to four of the most common cyber security threats It can happen while you’re checking the weather on your local news app or perusing the latest Buzzfeed list. It could be something as small as having your dog’s name be your password for everything from your work email to your Starbucks app. (And, […]

The NJ Logo Design Guide

It’s powerful, often without saying a word. It can be memorable, leaving a lasting impression on the subconscious mind. Or it can be as fleeting as a cloudburst on a smoldering summer day. The point is, having a well-designed logo is among the best marketing investments you can make in your business. Because developing your […]