Using Social Media as Inspiration

Everyone needs inspiration.  Some of us realize that we do. But where do you get inspiration when your “well of ideas” has run dry? It might be as simple as logging into Twitter and seeing what everyone else is saying. Social media can be an excellent source of inspiration, insight, and useful information. It can spark a new idea, or give you more information so you can get involved in a conversation that’s already happening.

Most social media is regularly updated and covers a wide range of subject matter.   You can even learn how to create a mobile phone app – with no experience!  Many social networking platforms allow for conversation; questions asked and answered, and more.

Of course, there are two sides to social media. There are people who know what they are talking about and get either get validation or insight from others. Other people display an unfounded ego, arrogance, and ignorance are, at least with some social platforms, exposed, and their input invalidated by the social networking community.

Inspiration for Speakers, Parents, Businesspeople, and Writers 

Those who frequently give speeches or write for others often have a good level of expertise and experience with a particular field or topic.  Unfortunately, continually drawing from the same well of knowledge can leave the writer or speaker with a diminished level of ‘sparkle,’ which in turn could bore the audience.  Studying conventional reference and instructional material can bore the true expert, and further degrade the passion for presenting speeches and writing.  Boring speakers don’t get hired again.

Social media channels can come to the rescue.  There are private groups on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites.  These groups are often moderated by a knowledgeable person. They frequently screen applications for membership to those groups; this helps to protect the integrity and quality of the group.

Often times, the social media channels we choose to follow are actually part of a larger site. For instance, a pastor might get inspiration from and choose to follow them on Twitter. Not only does the pastor get the information from the website, but he can see some of the conversations others are having.

On these and similar sites, audio, articles, conversational blogs, and even video can lift the spirits, provide information, and encourage pastors and other speakers, teachers, and writers.

Driving Business with Inspiration

Business owners and bloggers have some of the most information available. From Entrepreneur to Forbes, the popular online journals and magazines targeted at business advice have strong social media presences. They often post news and editorials that address strategies and big things happening in the industry.

When looking for inspiration for that blog piece, or even trying to find a new way of approaching your own social media presence, following the Twitter or Facebook account of a company that does it right and you respect is one of the best ways to not only get inspired, but get things done correctly. If you’re not coming up with something new, chances are you’re losing out to a company that is. However, inspiration isn’t limited to figuring out a business proposal or blog post.

Shaking Up Your Personal Life

The type of inspiration and information available through websites and social media can spread into some of the most important aspects of our lives. Parents, who often face unfamiliar challenges, unpredictable behavior, and how to guide their children can get information, have online discussions, as questions, and more from sites such as

Such sites often offer ways for readers to interact with authors, writers, and each other. This isn’t the type of inspiration that will lead to stronger sales, but it is the type of inspiration that can push you through the day, and even figure out a new and interesting way to shake up an old routine and get back into gear.