With COVID-19 altering the global economic landscape in 2020, businesses and retailers have had to overcome practically every conceivable challenge in the past 8 or 9 months. Now businesses, companies, and advertisers alike are preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals which, like everything else in 2020, are seeing some drastic changes. With many […]

Whether it’s attic insulation, solar, windows, or anything in between, a home improvement business owner’s primary goal is to convert job leads into appointments and sales. Getting leads is the easy part. There’s dozens of different channels including old school methods like canvassing, cold calling, trade shows, and direct mail. In addition, newer channels such […]

    Have you ever taken a Rorschach test? You know, one of these:   Also called an inkblot test, you’ve probably seen one of these in your lifetime. They’re pretty common in pop culture. In short, the goal of the test is to show you a seemingly random splattering of ink on a page […]

The “A” in Orpical stands for Altruistic. In our mission statement we state: As a profitable company, we will have the capital to be devoted to the welfare of others. On behalf of our employees, clients, vendors, and friends, in the past few weeks, Orpical has donated to the following organizations: Cathedral Kitchen Cathedral Kitchen […]