Hello, Welcome to Orpical Group. If you’ve spent some time digging around on our website you might be wondering: What makes Orpical different than other digital marketing agencies? This is a great question! Competitive advantage is a relatively simple subject for most industries, but it’s tricky when it comes to marketing and advertising agencies. There […]

Here at Orpical Group, we believe that retainer is a dirty word. That’s why we banned the word retainer from our company’s vocabulary. This isn’t a direct shot at retainers as a whole. In fact, we are huge advocates of these types of relationships; they are critical to our overall business. Retainers provide great, predictable […]

The god of search engines has spoken: by the end of the year, the old Google AdWords editor will be phased out. Pay-per-click managers everywhere are sharing their condolences. Sorry Google, we mean no disrespect (we kind of need you to make our living). It’s just that change can be difficult, and for a lot […]

Branding. For some odd reason, the word evokes the vision of Bam Margera for me. After years in marketing, it would make sense for my word association to be with one of the hundreds of successful branding projects I’ve completed. But nope. Branding — still Bam for me. Margera’s unorthodox teachings remain lodged in my […]