Whether you’re in charge of everyone or you’re the lowest employee on the totem pole, everyone faces both skills that help them and traits that bring them down in their professional life. If you’re looking to start up your career and head into the world of entrepreneurial and financially focused business, some of those traits […]

Plain and simple, your social media strategy should resemble a gymnast. Strong, agile, balanced, able to take direction—and of course, flexible.

Calculated risks are a bold, but crucial part of growing as a person and a business. They can be scary at first, as it can be human nature to overestimate the possibility of failure, but by evaluating the risk level for each opportunity that presents itself, you are more equipped to weigh the pros and […]

It seems the inevitable is upon us—the big bad scary mobile apocalypse!  Okay—so we’re already in the midst of the revolution.  Big whoop.  Why does it matter to your small business and your clients? It matters to your small business and clients because for 2014, many experts are projecting that more users will access the […]