Choosing the wrong Google AdWords manager can severely impact your business.

Google AdWords, and search marketing in general, pose a huge opportunity for you to promote a large portion of your business. The difference between a well-managed campaign and a badly managed one can mean thousands of dollars in potentially gained or lost revenue.

There are many routes to go: You can look to hire internally, or you can go the route of hiring a freelancer, or you can turn things over to an agency.

As an agency that provides pay per click (PPC) management services, we may be a little biased, but we are not here to advocate against other PPC services. Different models work for different businesses. Factors such as industry specifications, business objectives, and of course, working capital all come into play.

With that being said, working with a Google AdWords Agency has its own unique advantages. Consider the below points as you look to bring on a partner in profitability.

  • Experience

    By providing access to tools, deep knowledge, and experience, an agency is worth the added expense. We return your investment in us by creating more efficiency, more conversions, and less management for you.

  • Account Structure & Quality Score

    A good agency refines and segments your keywords to the point where there are only a handful of keywords per ad group. From there, we take the effort to create specific ads for each of those ad groups. This allows us to achieve a higher quality score for your ads, ultimately lowering your cost per click and overall spend. Simply put, we save you money and increase your overall profitability.

  • Negative Keywords

    If you don’t remove keywords that you don’t want to advertise for, you’ll waste a lot of your spend. Those costs alone could justify management services. As an AdWords Agency, we understand how people search and will be able to eliminate tons of irrelevant searches for you, allowing you to maximize your advertising spend.

  • Ad Extensions, Campaign Settings, & Tracking

    We make sure you get the most out of AdWords and all of its powerful features. We set up ad extensions for your phone number and address, links to specific content on your site, and even drive reviews. In addition, we adjust your campaign settings to match your operating hours, target the right prospects, and setup tracking everywhere to give you an accurate cost per acquisition (CPA).

  • Web Design

    One of the many overlooked aspects of Google AdWords management is the correlation of campaign success and web design. A/B testing landing pages is important when attempting to lower CPA.  With the growing use of the display network and remarketing tools, having a graphic designer and webmaster that you can rely on also comes in hand. We create visual representations of your business that drive engagement.

A Google AdWords Agency may add to your upfront cost, but access to tools, in-depth knowledge, and experience provides a better long-term opportunity when it comes to obtaining a return on investment (ROI). There is nothing stopping you from learning AdWords yourself. Though, there is inherent risk in doing this as it will take you away from doing things that only you can do (the things that put you in business to start with).