Horton Hears a Who 2.0 (A Poem About SEO)

“I’m new to all of this. What’s one thing I should know about S-E-O?” asked the businessman looking to build a web design that could help his business grow.

I flinched. An explosion nearly detonated in my head. This must be some kind of trick question. There’s so much to know! So much to be said! How could one ever possibly sum up the secret of the world wide web?

But I regained my calm. Took a deep breath. The last thing I wanted was to beat this to death. “Well—,” I began. “If I can only say one thing, it would be this: There are too many thoughts on SEO that are simply amiss!”

I went on to say that businesses want results fast. They think they are going to get results, but fall flat on their ass. They think they can flick on a switch. They think if they write some keywords then they will become filthy rich. Then, when nothing happens—yep, you guessed it—they complain and bitch.

The problem is that most people form their expectations on the potential of the channel. But few ever really achieve a SEO trophy that they can place high on their mantle. Sure, there are amazing stories and case studies. But the thing is: If you want SEO success, you need patience and experience to be your best buddies.

Think back to the real ‘Horton Hears a Who’. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

I wrote the above short poem to try and make light of a serious issue in the industry. Businesses need to rethink search engine optimization (SEO) and tame their expectations. SEO is a long-term initiative and needs to be grounded by long-term goals. Trying to achieve all the benefits of SEO overnight is impossible. My goal, and my team’s goal at Orpical Group, is to help business owners understand that SEO isn’t a task. SEO is a habit. With good practice and time people will search for your brand, product and services and one day see “Who” you are. The question remains: Are you willing to make the calculated investment?