Digital Marketing Agency Acquires Hot Air Balloon Website

Digital Marketing Agency Acquires Hot Air Balloon Website

Haddon Township, NJ – (October 25, 2021) Orpical Group, a business consulting and digital marketing agency, has announced the acquisition of in a joint partnership. Hot Air Flight is the leading resource for hot air balloon pricing, manufacturers, hot air balloon rides, and general resources for hot air balloon enthusiasts.

The acquisition marks the first expansion for Orpical Group under their newest business venture: the Website Investment Trust (WIT) model. Modeled after Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Orpical Group is looking to redefine how a digital marketing agency can bring value to its clients and shareholders through the WIT venture.

As more digital properties are acquired and added to the WIT portfolio, Orpical Group will look to use the increased revenue and business partnerships to expand their traditional agency services.

“It might seem strange to some people, but it’s exactly according to plan for us,” Edward DuCoin, Chief Executive Officer of Orpical Group, said. “As the WIT portfolio expands, so too do our revenue streams. This initiative gives us the infrastructure to improve what we provide clients today and secure what we provide shareholders in the future.” will join a family of pre-existing digital properties already under Orpical Group’s ownership but will be the first acquisition since those properties were folded into the WIT portfolio.

Orpical Group specifically targeted the hot air balloon industry after background research indicated the sector was poised for reliable growth in the coming years. The market’s revenue was 316 million USD in 2019 and is estimated to reach 432 million USD in 2025.

“We were intrigued by the hot air balloon market for a number of reasons,” Stefan Schulz, Chief Operating Officer of Orpical Group, said. “For one, it’s a hyper-niche market. But on top of that, we found that the space was largely under-developed with a ton of consumer demand. Hot Air Flight has an established authority in the space and we’re excited about the opportunity to build on the existing framework, scale it using our expertise and resources, and use it to as a basis for future acquisitions.”

Orpical Group will continue to pursue and acquire exciting digital properties across any industries with promising financial trends.

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