How to Design a Logo the Right Way

You could be the owner of a small, family-owned architectural firm with a modest staff of six employees. Or maybe it’s just you and you’re running a Kickstarter campaign for a new product that helps keeps kids safe on swing sets. You could even be responsible for building a Fortune 500 company up from the ground floor.

Despite where you fall on the corporate (or entrepreneurial) ladder, you need the right tools to get where you’re going. And oftentimes if you dream big, you need to start small.

A well-designed company logo might just be the smallest in scale, but it is the among largest in value. Chances are your logo will precede your first in-person introduction. That makes it worth its weight in gold for any business in a world where you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Make it a good one by considering these three steps for how to design a logo the right way:

Step one: do your research

Developing a one-of-a-kind logo that tells your story while simultaneously building brand recognition is no small task. And, like anything you’ve done for your business, organization and research is a crucial first step.

From color scheme and size to font and imaging, there is a lot to consider. And there is psychological evidence to support the importance of choosing the right elements of your logo. Take color scheme for example. Huffington Post recently highlighted the use of color in an article that cites how color plays a role in emotions like excitement, creativity and trust. Companies like Lowe’s, JP Morgan and Facebook all utilize the color blue to evoke a sense of dependability and trustworthiness. Paletton is an online resource that provides users with help creating color combinations using coordinating pallets of colors. It is thought to be among the best of its kind because it’s built on a basic foundation of the color wheel, applies color theory and works with a specifically created color space.

In addition to suggestions for effective use of color in your logo, consider consulting online resource guides that offer valuable advice regarding other things to consider as you develop your ideal logo.

Aside from the fundamental elements of a logo, the most effective tool for logo design lies with you. When it comes to your business, you know best. You know the ins and outs, but most importantly, you know your why and how that relates directly back to your business plan. You know what motivates you, and understanding what you like and don’t like is a crucial element in designing a logo fit for your business.

Step two: don’t be stingy

Any smart business decision starts with a plan. A 2010 study conducted by Small Business Trends found that business owners who establish a business plan from the start are twice as likely to be successful. What does that mean for your logo design? Everything. Most business plans outline a vision, goals and the steps it will take to get there, but it is what happens every day that brings a plan to life.

A simple search of Google will reveal the resources that abound for finding logo design applications. There are free and paid options to fit most budgets, but therein lies one of the biggest mistakes you can make. It may seem tempting to cut corners. Don’t. Stick to the plan and remember the necessary steps to success.

There is a reason web sites like “Death to Stock” exist – people know when something looks manufactured. They know and they pass you up because they want something unique. People know when something is fresh off an assembly line.

Your business is worth it. You are worth it. And you are unlike any other business out there, so why not make an investment in the best first impression your business can offer the world?

Step three: Work with a professional

It might be challenging for you to admit. Because this business is not a 9-to-5 business for you. It’s your passion. It’s your dream coming to life. But just because you can crunch numbers doesn’t necessarily qualify you to design the most memorable logo for your business. And frankly, your logo is too important to risk having it not be absolutely perfect. That is among the reasons why experts who can work with you personally to design a logo to suit all of your needs is the sharpest logo design tool in the shed.

Forget working with stock photos or online “logo makers” and work with a professional who is committed to doing more than just designing your logo. Sure, they provide essential services by helping your brainstorm creative ideas, but they do more than deliver a logo. Professionals help you build your brand.

Orpical Group is a local, full-service marketing agency where we use logo design as the crucial first step for all of our clients. Unlike free and paid online logo design applications that draw from a limited selection of stock or template images, our logo designs are 100% custom-made, just like the businesses they represent.

Best of all, we walk you through the process from start to finish. And to us it doesn’t matter whether you own an architectural firm, created a new product or want to become the next Bill Gates. We not only share your belief that its possible, but we also have the tools to bring it all to life.