How To Not Slip Up When Hiring a Web Designer

This is a post that most web designers don’t want you to read. It’s a short, sweet guide that will hopefully help you avoid common “slip-ups” that even the smartest business minds make when hiring a web designer.

Don’t Be Stingy

We all love bargains. Websites are no different. Some people try to justify stinging out on a website by telling themselves the less they pay the more they save. Not exactly. When you nickel-and-dime, you actually run the risk of having a crappy, unprofessional website, perhaps missing content, or lacking functionality. All of which ultimately cost you money down the road. Here a some sample ways of “nickel-and-diming” and their pitfalls:

  1. Hiring someone overseas at a stupidly low rate: They probably don’t speak the same language as you. They sleep when you’re awake. You sleep when they’re awake. The project will take forever. You’ll get the bare minimum. Who wants to be a Benedict Arnold anyway?
  2. Using a free website builder: Just because you can get access to the software to design and develop your own website, doesn’t mean that you should. Case and point: I have Quickbooks, but I don’t do my own bookkeeping. You might learn the software after buying your WordPress for Dummies, and upload some content in a Free Template, but will it really get the job done right? For more info on this see my post on Custom Vs. Customized Web Designs.

Don’t Drop A Fortune

Paying an extra $10,000 on your site won’t change the fact that you will still be getting a page marked up with HTML and styled using CSS. Don’t get taken advantage of. But also don’t expect a designer or design firm to work for pennies. Work with someone who is fair, understands your budget, and is willing to be flexible to help you achieve your digital marketing goals. Your web designer should a “partner in profitability”.

Consider All Your Website Needs

Do you need a logo? Copy and content? Multimedia such as videos? Should the content be optimized for search? Custom scripts? Integrations with third party applications? Need a content management system? These are just some of the many questions any good designer and developer will ask before getting started.

Be sure to work with someone who can provide related services, or at the very least, has access to solutions. Think about when you go grocery shopping. Isn’t it a pain in the rear end when you do your bulk shop at WholeFoods, but then have to stop at Trader Joe’s to get those delightful Triple Ginger Snaps? Same thing goes for web design. Consider working with a full-service firm if you need more than just the basics to consolidate your expenses.

Gearing up for a new web design & want more advice?

Our team of web designers at Orpical Group work closely with you to outline a web design plan that makes sense. At no-cost, we’ll discuss your ideas for your project and will provide an itemized estimate for a custom website.