In Face Of Huge Shift In Google’s Policy, One Agency Offers A Solution

Tech publications and businesses alike are taking notice of GoGet Secure, the unique HTTPS conversion service provided by New Jersey’s Orpical Group.

Philadelphia PA, (July 2, 2018) — Orpical Group, a rapidly-growing digital marketing and business consulting agency, is gaining traction in the tech industry as businesses and users alike prepare for a big shift in how Google Chrome displays websites to their users.

Orpical Group’s GoGet Secure service provides a fully-managed HTTP to HTTPS conversion process for business’ websites. As Google prepares for a massive shift in security policy this summer, GoGet Secure has become a premier name in web security solutions.

Starting in July, Google Chrome will be marking any HTTP site as “not secure” to users with a label in the address bar. In addition, HTTPS sites will no longer have the green “Secure” icon next to their address. The change comes as Google looks to further solidify HTTPS as the standard for security on the internet.

“This is a cross-industry shift with serious financial consequences,” Edward DuCoin, CEO of Orpical Group, said. “Chrome leads the pack when it comes to browsers. This change is going to result in higher bounce rates, less traffic, and less sales for businesses who don’t make the change.”

HTTP websites are already major issues for large-scale businesses — ESPN, BBC, and Business Insider among many guilty of insecure domains — and the problem is even more damaging for small and midsize businesses. While Disney may be able to take the financial hit until they resolve the issue, small and midsize business that rely on their website for sales will be hit harder and have a lower capacity for rapid response.

To aid these businesses, Orpical Group developed GoGet Secure, a unique custom service which handles the entire conversion process for business owners. GoGet Secure handles every step of the conversion process securely and efficiently. Recently featured in Philly, Orpical Group’s GoGet Secure solution is designed to solve pressing security issues and avoid losing conversions to a previously unforeseen obstacle.

“A lot of business owners are so focused on running the business that deadlines like this seemingly sneak up on them, ” Stefan Schulz, COO or Orpical Group, said. “With GoGet Secure, we give them the ability to continue scaling their business while we ensure that business’ digital security remains intact.”

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