When you travel, you take mental notes on different cultures. Based on your perception, some cultural elements may seem positive. Some may seem negative. Either way, things like values and attitudes, languages, and social organization influence all aspects of life, including business.

Evaluating cultural influences should be high-priority, especially when developing partnerships to help your business grow. One of the first steps in early business growth often results in planning, designing, and developing your website. The contents of this article highlight why you should consider working with a Philadelphia web design firm.

Philadelphia takes art seriously

The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts is the country’s first museum and art school. There’s also more than 2,000 outdoor murals in Philadelphia, making it the Mural Capital of the U.S. We’re flat out surrounded by art and design. Philadelphia is the home to more Impressionist paintings than any other city besides Paris. Inspiration is everywhere. A good Philadelphia web design firm can channel the vast surroundings of the city, which drew over 39 million visitors in 2014, and incorporate various elements into your website, where they make sense.

Philadelphia is a city of firsts

Philadelphia hosted America’s first birthday, started the first daily newspaper, opened the first hospital, and the first medical school, and the first library, housed the first general purpose computer—starting to see a trend here? Philadelphia is the Capital of Firsts. We’re forward-thinkers and set the bar. Then, we help you hurdle over it.

Philadelphia is the “City of Brotherly Love”

Named by William Penn, Philadelphia means “brotherly love” from the Greek φιλεω (phileo) “to love” and αδελφος (adelphos) “brother”. Penn envisioned Philadelphia to be a place where anyone of any background could flourish. 300 years later and we still embrace Penn’s vision. We welcome new ideas from different walks of life with open arms.

Philadelphia is tough, resilient, and loyal

If you follow major sports, you may know Philadelphia teams have been in a bit of a “slump” lately. That’s being conservative, or as we call it here in Philly, being a homer. Here are some sad memes that were floating around in November 2015 for your enjoyment at our expense:


Now I know after seeing the above you may be thinking: “So—Philadelphia is a town of losers…” Hold on. Not so fast there!

The men that make up our Philadelphia sports teams are technically not Philadelphia men. They are transplants from all different walks of life. And while they may be losers today, providing little to no entertainment, our city continues to support them. They are our family. Remember—brotherly love.

Philadelphia won’t quit. We won’t turn our backs during times of adversity. We are passionate. We root for the underdogs. Haven’t you seen Rocky? Wouldn’t you want someone like that in your corner? What happens if your website gets hacked? Do you want your web designer to throw in the towel and leave you hanging out to dry? A Philadelphia web design firm will always do everything they can to help you knock down your Apollo Creed. Even when the odds seem like they’re stacked up against you.