What It Would Look Like If Your Online Marketing Agency Was a Zoo

Let’s face it, we’ve all got our quirks. We all have those unique traits that play into how we function in the working world. So what would it look like taking the kids to see the monkeys at the online marketing agency?

No two zoos are the same, and the same can be said for online marketing agencies. Yet the cast of characters is often liked by some undeniable (not to mention humorous) personalities.

If your online marketing agency was a zoo….

Creative Director

The Creative Director is the king of the jungle. They don’t do the hunting; that’s the account manager’s role. But when the finished product is ready to go, they feast and get the glory.


Copywriter: Deemed by most fans of all things aviary, copywriters are the parrots of the online marketing world. They are thought to be one of the most talkative members of the animal kingdom and are wordy by nature. The only catch is making sure they are able to wrap their clever minds around copyright law.

Web Designer

Web Designer: Don’t be fooled by their characteristically lovable demeanor. Much like koalas, web designers are clever, creative, charismatic and stubborn. They are resourceful, and make up for what they might lack in fashion (Hawaiian shirts, really?) with their design dexterity.

Web Developer

Web Developer: Self-awareness can take a web developer far in this day and age. These elephants of the online marketing agency realm dream big and live larger. They are responsible for making sure the visions of the creative director, web designer and copywriter align in a harmonious way capable of reaching the masses.

Account Manager

Account Manager: Most account managers carry an all-knowing air about them. No order is too tall. They oversee projects and approach things strategically, acting incredibly quickly when necessary.

Sales Director

Sales Director: They are suave, frosty and determined. An effective sales director innately knows the audience, entertains crowds gracefully with almost no effort, and just keeps swimming regardless of the circumstances (like global warming).

Public Relations Specialist

Public Relations Specialist: While it may be true that everyone has a different favorite animal at the zoo, scientifically speaking the otter is among the most social of the zoo animals. Much like public relations specialists, they are the “people people” in the marketing hierarchy, charged with managing the company’s image from the outside. Sometimes their approach may not make sense to the outside world until the final product has reached its audience and the message has infiltrated successfully.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Specialist

SEO/SEM Expert: Always ready to charge, the rhino’s horn symbolizes a passion for boosting search rankings and increasing profits. They may be a bit rough around the edges, but they are surprisingly agile despite their poor eyesight. These tech-savvy gurus are constantly looking at data and reports on everything from Google Analytics to Webmasters (another reason for fatigued eyes).


CFO: It is a job none too small nor too easy, and takes a certain kind of sloth to do it. Pouring over financials and reports is a necessary role played best by a person with the ability to stay focused and get the job done, no matter how slowly or how long it takes. Numbers are things that just can’t be rushed.

Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Executive Assistant/Office Manager: Many office managers are good listeners with just the right amount of hop in their step. They could potentially get in a boxing match with you. And they may or may not also have a funny accent and drink (more than) the occasional Fosters. Regardless, the executive assistants are well often well loved and are essential to the team’s success.

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