Orpical Group’s New Jersey Web Design Team Develops New Website For Medical Transcription Company

MARLTON, NJ (FEB 9, 2016) — Orpical Group, a full-service marketing company that specializes in web design and development, recently collaborated with MediScribe, Inc. The two organizations partnered to redesign MediScribe’s website. The successful website redesign and launch was completed to enhance user experience and overall functionality. In addition, the companies aimed to boost brand awareness, and revise content in effort to expand MediScribe’s US based, HIPAA Compliant Medical Transcription Service.

To enhance the functionality of the medical transcription company’s website, Orpical Group incorporated a new responsive framework. In addition, the two companies utilized MediScribe’s expertise and market assessment to present industry findings. One key finding showed an increased demand for augmented medical transcription services to work with electronic medical records (EMRs). Electronic medical records are digital files containing health information about patients that are typically filled out by doctors. In 2010, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) introduced measures that implemented groundwork for the widespread adoption of EMRs within medical institutions.

“Electronic health records will never completely replace the need for medical transcription services,” said Shelly Lesse, Owner, MediScribe, Inc. “The field of medical transcription has faced challenges with technology, electronic health record guidelines, and rigid security. But as we’ve seen—as many other industries have seen—technology isn’t perfect. And, in the world of health, documentation needs to be perfect. Doctors need accuracy in their reports and they don’t have time to edit and proofread reports they create on a computer. In addition, many medical transcription companies are based overseas. This also creates problems as nothing translates literally, creating breakdowns, and increased proofing on the doctor’s end. All of MediScribe’s medical transcriptionists are based in the United States, and we never outsource offshore. Because of the industry demand, and problems presented with offshoring, the precise human touch that we provide at MediScribe is still very much needed.”

Lesse went on to add that patient demand was a factor that would fuel the transcription field for many years to come and will play a huge role in MediScribe’s growth. The website redesign features a one-page, anchor based navigation. The User Interface (UI) Design created by Orpical Group aims to quickly guide medical practitioners, simplifying and shortening the time from introducing the problem to presenting a solution.

“The mindset here was that practitioners are already short on time,” said Stefan Schulz, Lead Designer on The MediScribe Redesign, Orpical Group. “Let’s not waste any more of their time with multiple pages of content. We wanted a simple user flow that stressed that the imperfections of new technology, and we wanted to pose a couple simple questions: Are you frustrated? Could you be seeing more patients? If so, we have your solution. MediScribe’s medical transcription service is efficient, cost effective and compatible with all electronic medical record platforms. MediScribe can help you get you off the computer and back to providing patient care.”

Edward DuCoin, CEO, Orpical Group added: “Working with MediScribe was an absolute pleasure. Unlike many companies considering a website redesign, they set goals ahead of time, evaluated their market, and accepted the realities surrounding their business. From there, everything was fairly simple. Our work became less about designing a new website and more about reflecting MediScribe’s intuition and commitment to provide the best medical transcription service. The new web design is just one rung on the overall marketing ladder. Consistently accelerating the new positioning will be the step that ultimately makes the redesign a success.”


MediScribe, Inc. is a unique medical transcription company founded in 1986. MediScribe transcriptionists are all based in the United States and have a minimum of ten years experience in their chosen specialties. To learn more about MediScribe and their medical transcription service, please visit www.mediscribeinc.com.


Orpical Group is a full-service marketing agency based in South Jersey specializing in web design, branding, creative strategy, operations and sales. Since 2012, Orpical Group has helped clients realize and sustain high levels of individual and organizational performance. To learn more about Orpical Group and their web design and development services, please email info@orpical.com.