Performance Based Business Coaching

Business consulting and coaching can be extremely beneficial in terms of changing enterprise operations, managing organization potential and improving productivity.

The purpose of this article is to review the benefits of the process of business coaching and the issues surrounding performance and fees. Most people can guess “what business coaching is.” However there are perceptions of high fees and lack of performance guarantee.  Usually, and I would say more than 95% of the time, all the risk is placed on the client or small business owner.

At ORPICAL we are a firm that becomes profitability partners with our clients. Our only means of compensation is to insure clients improve bottom-line profits.

We strongly believe that if a business coach works on a percentage of process improvement or even a perceived value, they can spend less time seeking clients and earn significantly more annual revenue. Any “stigma” can be eliminated by the fact that the business coach is now viewed as a partner. We have been called a part-time COO for clients because we focus on the entire enterprise to increase profits through increased and perhaps more importantly obtaining services and a greatly reduced price as compared to traditional costs.

Of course great coaching is extremely beneficial with regards to changing organization procedures, managing company potential, and improving productivity. But when the coach has a vested interest more bottom-line positive results will happen.

The service offered is based on performance based compensation  called ORPICAL which is mentoring that enables small business owners to enhance their overall performance, their quality of life as well as heighten their productivity. The service commitment of ORPICAL COO is to encourage improvements in techniques, strategies and processes which result in increased sales and decreased expenses.

Some sessions are conducted via a telephone and or video chat. This makes ORPICAL COO Business Coaching an exceptionally practical choice for executives that can’t seem to allocate a whole day or some of their time everyday for coaching sessions. Plus it avoids the time and expense associated with travel.

To offer immediate, productive and cost-effective services for our clients, we also developed a system of outsourcing called Real Smart Source.

The foundation of ORPICAL is a form of business enterprise theory that aims to generate far more benefit when utilizing the fewest resources.  Lean management concentrates on enhancing procedures, so the concepts can be applied companywide.

One sure way to hyper-increase net profits is to increase sales while reducing the cost per sale.

Too many business owners spend their hard earned money with good intentions but pay far more than necessary for personnel, services and products.  A key mission for Lean2 Profits is to help companies obtain more for less.

We manage the hiring, project management and performance so our clients can focus on what they do best. We can have 1 to 100 qualified people working for you, managed by us, for far less than you can imagine. We develop with our clients to help increase sales while cutting operational costs.

There are thousands of business service companies and consultants. Most are very qualified; so ask this question. Why do so few work on a “paid for results basis” or a percentage of net profits? We do because we know we can. Our confidence and experience added our client’s product or service offerings are a winning formula.

Greater client output and lower costs yielding client profits is our mission.