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Scope: Professional development provider needs flyer and graphic designer they can trust. Orpical Group comes to town and delivers a design that is anything but a bust.


Eduscape is a professional development provider that is committed to supporting the needs of the 21st century learning environment. Their team is comprised entirely of former educators, and has worked with over 500,000 teachers across the United States and Canada.


If you’re looking to design a business flyer, take a page out of Eduscape’s book. They had the backbone of their flyer design all ready. All of the content was organized and laid out in a simple business flyer template. However, they were looking for something that better represented their brand and was consistent with their other marketing materials.

Eduscape had worked with another flyer design business prior to meeting with our marketing firm. Unfortunately, the previous designers were unable to provide truly creative business flyers that effectively represented the Eduscape team and their professional development services.

We quickly turned around an updated business flyer design based on the initial concept in two hours flat. After meeting with Eduscape to review our work, they were so delighted that we were able to capture all of the little details, including colors, illustrations, and copy placement, that make the big differences.

This particular project is a perfect example of how we implement our marketing agency services: 1) Start with a basic project, 2) kick ass, 3) continue to integrate our other service offerings as required. Since our creative business flyer design exceeded Eduscape’s expectations, we are now evaluating a website redesign and continued print marketing and graphic design projects.

If you’re looking for a creative flyer design business that makes the design process quick and painless, look no further. Contact us for a free flyer design consultation and quote.

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