Command Communications

Scope: Develop brand identity through a custom modern, logo design that utilizes symbolism.

Command Communications

Founded by public relations guru, Mindie Barnett, and reporter and voice actor Job Leiberman, Command Communications is a new firm that creates custom content that integrates seamlessly into your social strategy.


Orpical was hired by Mindie Barnett and Jon Lieberman to work on an allusive logo design for their joint company Command Communications.

Our team of designers worked on fourteen initial concepts incorporating different design elements to represent clearly who Command is and how they like to be perceived—strong, modern, and cutting-edge. We worked closely with symbols to materialize Command’s identity for the user and all those who interact with the logo.

Ultimately, we narrowed our base down to the final lightning bolt as pictured. We tweaked the placement and color dynamics and polled each to determine which had the most invigorating qualities.

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