Scope: A fast-growth company with a let’s-keep-it-rolling attitude, yellowblue eco tech came to Orpical with an exciting new product and a fresh slate. Our creative team fell right into step and quickly developed an extension to their line of eco-friendly solutions with ePOD.


yellowblue in an innovative eco-technologies company. Their energy saving products are USA made, eco friendly, and designed to help homeowners conserve energy, save money, and live more comfortably.


ePOD by yellowblue is a capacitor based system designed for residential use to help reduce energy consumption and potentially harmful EMFs. During the early project development stages, we fostered a market growth strategy to simplify the sale. Orpical employed the verbiage “Plug-in—Save Energy—Live Better” to widen the target audience, getting away from the overly-technical product background, and emphasizing it’s ease of use. Orpical’s work in creating the packaging, the marketing material, and sales aids ensured that ePOD smoothly transitioned into yellowblue’s existing sales model. Once our work with ePOD was complete, the guys and gals at yellowblue were thoroughly impressed. It was then that we were given the opportunity to expand on our relationship to revisit and refine yellowblue’s existing marketing, including their website. Read more about our website rebuild for yellowblue.

  • Product Design
  • Sales & Data Sheets
  • Visual Aids