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Based out of Des Moines, Iowa, Yellowblue is a wholesaler with a network of independent authorized dealers. Yellowblue helps homeowners and small businesses conserve energy, save money and protect the environment. Yellowblue products are revolutionary, cutting edge and American made.

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Landing Page Conversion Strategy & Development
  • Infographic Research & Design
  • Article Writing & Distribution

Our Work

Yellowblue has a diverse line of home efficiency products geared for homeowners looking to save money and live more comfortably. The problem Yellowblue experienced with web marketing was that they were a little too far ahead of the curve. Many homeowners had no idea that their products, especially their main revenue driver (multi-layer reflective insulation) existed. As result, search volume was relatively low, other than direct traffic coming from authorized dealers and grassroots marketing.

Following our keyword discovery, we saw an opportunity to increase website impressions, and generate leads through “solar fans” and related keywords. While still a niche product, solar fans drove a fair amount of searches, and was growing day by day. Over 1 million monthly searches for 600+ keywords.

We saw that the competition level was fairly low, and we were confident that we could bypass other manufacturers, mainly because we had previously worked with Yellowblue to create a beautiful, responsive, WordPress website, ready and equipped for content marketing and SEO.

Our first task was to complete some basic on-page SEO to the existing solar fan page. We updated URLS to include our focus keyword, added content (text, videos, etc) with the help of Yellowblue’s engineering team, optimized images, and made sure that all meta tags were written properly.

To provide as much value to searchers as possible, we focused heavily on creating and sharing relevant content. One of the main selling points of Yellowblue’s solar fans is that they qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credit. In addition, there are additional incentives including rebates are available for residents of specific municipalities.

We seized this opportunity and immediately began to curate solar fan resources on a State-level using government resources such as This was extremely important to our overall campaign, as it enabled us to to build out a database of 50 unique child pages, all related to “solar attic fans.” Screenshot of database pictured on left.

Building on this momentum, we continued to create additional content valuable to searchers. Over time, as rankings began to build, we noticed that many of our inquiries were coming directly from roofing companies, contractors, and other related professionals, who were familiar with the benefits of solar fans, and were interested in learning more about the Yellowblue Solar Fan line to offer to their existing and future customers. This provided another extension to our campaign and prompted us to develop out additional contained that pertained to very specific searches, more geared for the in-home professional. For example, “how install solar attic fan.”

Also, part of our on-going commitment to Yellowblue was to write rich articles and content, post on the website, and distribute via various channels to increase their domain authority. We would measure these campaigns individually in Google Analytics to evaluate which resulted in contact form inquiries and brought back the best ROI. A small sample of pages and posts are listed below:

  • How Does a Solar Powered Attic Fan Work?* – View Page
  • A Bird’s Eye View of the Benefits of Attic Ventilation – View Post
  • How Many Solar Attic Fans Do I Need? – View Page
  • Attic Fan Replacement: Go Solar and Follow Air Sealing and Insulation Strategies – View Post

Sample Micro-Campaign Report*:

*The strategy, design, development, distribution, and maintenance of this particular campaign cost approximately $525. With ten sign ups on this campaign, we were able to reduce Yellowblue’s cost-per-lead by a significant sum.

Shortlist of SEO Results:

  • Improved organic search ranking for solar fan from 46 to 7
  • Acquired first-page rankings for long-tail keywords (Ex. How to install solar attic fan)
  • Significantly reduced average cost-per-lead
  • Provided consistent lead and up-sell system for Yellowblue Dealers
  • Expanded network of Yellowblue Dealers to 40+ states and 3 countries
  • Created valuable tools for contractor and installer recruitment, sales presentations, and in-home consultations

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