Scope: Logo design for stair equipment manufacturing company. Goal of this project was to create a fast-loading, simple, and highly functional design.

Cordes Machine Division

Cordes Machine is a CNC Machine Shop, located in Union County NJ. They are designers, machine builders, fabricators and CNC machinists for replacement parts with expertise in hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics and electrical systems.  Cordes rebuilds existing machines and provides machine shop and engineering services.


The team at Orpical Group collaborated with Cordes Machine in preparation for a website redesign project. Early on, we determined that a key objective of the website redesign would be to maximize functionality in addition to creating a new, modern feel.

As result, we evaluated various different fonts. Ultimately we settled on Myriad Pro, which gave us the flexibility to generate custom font variations based on design variables like weight, width, optical size, and style. Myriad pro has a warmth and readability: Two key features all manufacturing companies should consider when considering a logo design.

Using Myriad’s clean open shapes, precise letterfit, and extensive kerning pairs make Cordes new logo comfortable to read.  In addition, the wide variety of weights and widths in the font family provide future creative opportunities.

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