Scope: The chicken or the egg? The egg, or in this case, a collection of home safety products, came first. To TruWatch’s advantage, we were able to provide a solution to their own causality dilemma and put them into a prompt, parent-company position.


TruWatch is a unique and innovative safety company that specializes in helping individuals and families become safe and secure in their homes and businesses. Their products include CO2 Detectors, Smoke Detectors, & Monitored Systems…


The guys at TruWatch were introduced to us by yellowblue eco tech. They first showed us their home fire safety equipment, products that our team had in their own homes: fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, heat detectors, etc. All of us at Orpical knew the importance of owning fire safety equipment, but surprisingly, many of us didn’t know how to use all of the products properly or were unaware of the many perils inside a home.

This got our team thinking. We started a competitive analysis, and looked at major publicly traded safety and security companies. Our team’s findings were surprising. Right away we saw that many of these large safety and security companies had invested considerable time and resources into development of state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology. While the features were impressive, there was a giant flaw that we knew we could exploit and use in TruWatch’s favor: new safety and security products are simply too complicated. Who has time for a learning curve when your home is engulfed in 1200°F flames?

And so the cornerstone “Let us introduce the way to smart and simple safety” was born. We began to develop a responsive website and paid careful attention to the usability, making sure it was consistent with TruWatch’s new identity. As we got closer to the project, we wanted to further convey that home safety equipment should be quick and easy, but still thoroughly give peace of mind. To support this we came up with a secondary branding message, “Safety, Assurance, Freedom”, where each word depicted the aims of TruWatch; safety being their aim to provide easy-to-use products; assurance being their lifetime TruSupport and education program; and freedom being the feeling TruWatch consumers have knowing their family and possessions are safe and secure.

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