Util Auditors

Scope: With a new and improved web design, Util asked us if we could help with some additional marketing support. This included updating their marketing collateral—from business cards to industry specific sales sheets.

Util Auditors

Util Auditors is a utility bill auditing company that specializes in identifying and correcting utility and service contract billing errors. Their audits include energy, waste, telecom, shipping, merchant processing, and worker’s compensation.


The guys at Util are busy bees.

And to stay busy, they knew it was important to develop marketing collateral for the specific industries where they had proven to be successful. Building off our work on the website redesign, we were able to quickly design print marketing materials that embodied Util’s professionalism and expertise.

We were worked with the managing partners to identify their prime target audience and service offering. Using this insight, we first put together supporting materials for manufacturing and healthcare industries. As with the website redesign, we built the materials utilizing historical data. Following our industry and service specific project, we developed a corporate consistent cross-sell piece. Knowing that the documentation would be shared digitally, we embedded backlinks to the new Util website saving space, improving readability, and increasing qualified web traffic.

  • Business Card & Stationery
  • Sales & Data Sheets