Util Auditors

Scope: Before Util was ever a client, they were a key partner for Orpical Energy and evaluated our database. They identified over $800K in refunds for Orpical Energy clients—businesses looking to reduce their energy costs. We knew Util had stumbled on something special and were excited when they approached us to help re-design their website.

Util Auditors

Util Auditors is a utility bill auditing company that specializes in identifying and correcting utility and service contract billing errors. Their audits include energy, waste, telecom, shipping, merchant processing, and worker’s compensation.


Util knew they needed to revamp their website. In our initial discussion, they were very clear on their goal: create a clean, professional design to further improve their credibility and position themselves as industry leaders. The majority of their web traffic was coming from direct marketing efforts. So in essence, the users were already tee’d up. Our job was to make sure they made it to the fairway.

Because of our prior industry experience and relationship with Util, we were able to streamline the strategic process. We focused on creating copy and supporting content that emphasized Util’s strongest selling points.

Orpical’s first strategic plan for Util’s website rebuild was to not sell the service; we would sell results. We worked closely with the client to put together case studies for each auditing service. Using their insights we showcased impressive data in an easy-to-digest format. We let figures like $2.4 million in refunds get the point across.

Our next plan of action was to develop and call attention to Util’s business model. Using visuals and supporting copy, we created immediate and constant impact. This helped further convey the auditing process as a simple, non-intrusive service. We tested and implemented the text “We only get paid when you get paid.” The feedback on the plan suggested that users could be more inclined to work with Util over other utility bill auditing companies because the upfront compensation model built trust and credibility.

  • Brand & Business Strategy
  • Brand & Corporate Identity
  • Brand Language
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)