The Challenge

We were approached by a client that had tried every CRM on the planet. They wanted a simple way to track leads in a sales pipeline and generate reports that they could actually use to run their business better.

Unfortunately, everything off-the-shelf was way too complicated and created a lot of clutter. Prior to development, the client had spent thousands of dollars in setup, training, and licensing costs for products that just didn’t fit their business. Our challenge was to create something from scratch that was user friendly.

Our Solution

We designed and developed a custom web application that allowed users to easily input leads and sales information, both manually and programmatically. Utilizing over 150 data points, we wrote logic to generate custom reports that made it easy to see how different marketing channels were performing. Once deployed, the system provided on-going cost savings and valuable insights that could be used to optimize marketing, sales, and operations. These returns were then reinvested back into continued development for additional advancements.