Towne Park is a leading healthcare and hospitality solutions provider proudly serving premier hotels and healthcare systems nationwide. From boutique hotels and sprawling luxury resorts to downtown healthcare campuses and local medical centers – Towne Park is changing the mobility experience, making efficiency, safety, and individual interactions the norm—from arrival to departure.


E-commerce has been a growing revenue stream for Towne Park, but it has come with challenges. For one, dozens of third-party websites sell Towne Park’s parking locations online.

Because of this fragmentation, operators had to dedicate significant time to manage a single parking location across multiple websites. Updating inventory and rates in real-time was not feasible due to time constraints and other responsibilities. This limited ability to sell and earn more per transaction. In addition, the lack of management tools and centralized data presented potential for oversells and other logistical issues.


Our solution helped Towne Park address their challenge of managing inventory and rates for their parking locations across multiple eCommerce websites. In summary, the team at Orpical Group:

  • Created a custom API endpoint for third-party sellers to send transactional data.
  • Stored transactional data and tracked parker details, responsible seller, product type, parking location, entry and exit times, gross and net revenue, and more.
  • Developed an inventory tracking system to count available inventory against allotted inventory.
  • Wrote 10+ external API integrations to update sellers with real-time inventory counts. Additionally, we wrote scripts to send blackouts via APIs as sites sold out.
  • Built direct integrations with Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) to post barcode details.
  • Implemented a detailed user role and permissions system for increased security and work efficiency.
  • Designed a dashboard with KPIs, including occupancy levels, revenue by source, and other accounting information.
  • Automated dynamic pricing and rate changes for internal eCommerce websites.
  • Assisted with training site operators on technology and best practices to maximize revenue.
  • Identified new opportunities for integrations and continued expansion.


  • Created a 1-2 hour savings per week per site in operational management (over 1200 sites)
  • Increased available inventory across multiple online revenue channels; built stronger relationships with existing partners.
  • Automated blackout and inventory updates.
  • Utilized available APIs to facilitate rate changes.
  • Facilitated third-party transactional data with Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS).
  • 400% return on investment in the first year of production.
  • Annualized revenue lift of 5% across a $12M eCommerce portfolio.