Transforming Engagement and Coaching for Ziglar Inc.


Ziglar Inc. stands at the forefront of personal and professional development, offering groundbreaking seminars, educational programs, and coaching services. With a mission to inspire true positive change, Ziglar Inc. has long embraced innovative approaches to enhance learning and growth.


Ziglar Inc. faced two primary challenges in its quest to deepen impact and ensure sustainable growth:

  1. Increasing Engagement in Live Speaking Sessions: Despite the high quality of its live sessions, Ziglar Inc. sought ways to increase participant engagement and make these experiences more interactive and impactful.
  2. Streamlining Coaching Follow-Ups: Coaches at Ziglar Inc. needed a more efficient method for following up after sessions, providing personalized coaching, and increasing client retention through better engagement and support.


The solution came from ZigGPT, a custom-developed software by Orpical Group which leverages OpenAI technologies. Designed specifically for Ziglar Inc., ZigGPT addresses the twin challenges by offering the following features:

  • Transcription and Summarization: Utilizing OpenAI’s Whisper API, ZigGPT transcribes live speaking sessions and audio files, creating accessible summaries and key points. This not only aids in review and reinforcement but also provides a base for engaging follow-up materials.
  • Streamlined Follow-Ups and Personalized Coaching: Through integration with ChatGPT, ZigGPT helps generate personalized follow-up communications and coaching materials, allowing coaches to maintain a meaningful connection with participants and tailor their support more effectively.
  • Enhanced Engagement: By making sessions’ content easily revisable and engaging, ZigGPT has significantly increased participant interaction during and after live events, fostering a deeper understanding and commitment to personal development goals.


ZigGPT has been instrumental in enriching The Sage Experience, a signature program of Ziglar Inc. designed to facilitate deep, meaningful engagement and personal growth. The software’s capabilities have transformed how participants interact with the content, enabling:

  • Organic Growth and Learning: Participants can now effortlessly revisit the insights and discussions from live sessions, encouraging continuous learning and reflection.
  • Dynamic Participation: With easy access to session summaries and key insights, attendees are likelier to engage, ask questions, and contribute to discussions, enriching the collective learning experience.
  • Sustainable Engagement: Coaches utilize ZigGPT’s outputs to craft personalized follow-ups, reinforcing learning points and ensuring participants remain engaged and motivated to apply their insights.


The introduction of ZigGPT represents a significant leap forward for Ziglar Inc., enhancing participant engagement and streamlining coaching processes. This innovative solution has markedly improved how content is revisited and utilized, fostering a vibrant, engaged community committed to personal and professional growth. As Ziglar Inc. continues to explore the potential of AI and technology, the ZigGPT project stands as a testament to the power of innovation in transforming educational experiences and coaching relationships.