What Orpical Stands For

At Orpical, we have employed corporate social responsibilities to:

  • assist and educate our community, clients and employees
  • consistently evaluate innovative products and service offerings
  • explore and cultivate tangible growth-opportunities

“With great power, comes great responsibility,” first wrote Voltaire.  While that might be cliché, and debatably a badly placed pun, there is plenty of bearing.

What Orpical Stands For

  • Optimistic. We expect the best outcome for our employees and clients.
  • Respect. The consistent consideration of all we encounter in a courteous manner.
  • Passion. Engaging enthusiasm for the positive wellbeing of people, opportunities and our planet.
  • Integrity. To be known as individuals and a company of scrupulous integrity.
  • Curiosity. Be a company that is always eager to teach, learn and grow.
  • Altruistic. As a profitable company we will have the capital to be devoted to the welfare of others.
  • Loyalty. Steadfast adherence to our commitments and what we stand for as a united company.

The Challenge We Face

Taking our core values and implementing them into our day-to-day lives and workplace has become natural.  Teaching these values to others, however, has at times been challenging.

More often than not, business ethics falls by the wayside.  The challenge (and opportunity) we face today at Orpical is not only educating others on the pitfalls of unscrupulous business practices, but also identifying and eradicating the culprits.

We will continue to invest our time, resources and management attention on proper education to get ahead of this challenge.  In turn, this will be a vital driver of our long-term growth.

Things We’ve Learned

Orpical will succeed because we’re obsessed with improvement. We are interested about our world and how we can improve it. We apply that interest to our responsibility efforts, and we continue to learn what is required for real, important growth.

  • Teamwork is crucial. Orpical is a small company by most standards and our ability to influence meaningful change at the universal level has limits. So, it is absolutely crucial that we work with other companies to prompt real, workable system change. We embrace partnerships and open-source teamwork. We proactively share our insight and practices to help create synergy with those we work with.
  • Education is a strategic benefit. Understanding and recognizing the facts surrounding unscrupulous business practices enables us to make thoughtful considerations in regards to client development. With this intelligence we take real action to achieve unprecedented growth.

In our short existence, these above points have been imperative to our growth as a company. But the key point we have learned is that our responsibility to educate is not just an add-on to the way we operate.  Educating others on what Orpical stands for can clearly influence and expand our company and our future development, in addition to positively influencing our peers.