What to Expect From a Marketing Agency

It’s estimated that 1 trillion dollars is funneled through marketing and advertising agencies, which in turn stimulates a large portion of our global economy.*

Now more than ever, businesses are partnering with agencies that can help them make sense of all the commotion that comes from a complex and data-driven world, overloaded consumers, and pressure to perform.

Expect a Strategic Partner

For some time here at Orpical Group, we have felt that the mindset of the client was shifting; we found that the term marketing agency itself is muddied, and that clients do not necessarily need an agency per se. After all, there is no shortage of talented, creative people in the world!

Instead, clients need strategic partners, and it’s our responsibility to give the people what they need, not always what they want.

At times, we have found ourselves in tough positions where we undeniably “talk ourselves out of work.” This happens both during prospecting, as well as with existing clients. This is a true cost of doing business for the modern marketing agency.

Expect More Than Creative Services/Goods

We cannot and will not view ourselves solely as a supplier, or vendor. To deliver optimal value to our clients, we may have to deny requests and resist the urge to be the “agreeable echo” in the room. We know where our seat is at the table: facing opposite the client, with one ear in the internal discussion, and one ear out on the street to best advocate for work that will maximize resources into more effective, measurable campaigns.

Orpical Group clients imagine “what can be” and deserve positive, cost-effective results. As a company, we are committed to helping our clients realize and sustain high levels of individual and organizational performance. In doing so, each and every one of us at our marketing agency is committed to delivering more than just high-quality services and products.

In 2013, we first developed our Client Responsibility Model (shown below) to illustrate how our agency supports clients:

Strategic Direction

Orpical Group clients will find the most value from our services when we provide on-going consultation and perform as a trusted authority. We will share our professional opinions and experience to not only formulate mutually beneficial relationships, but also to sustain them.

Fresh Perspective

Experience comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. By sharing our eclectic portfolio, personal experiences, and resources, we provide clients with a fresh perspective. This dissipates the “too close to home” paradox and enables a multi-lingual dialog that translates into engagement and action.


Einstein one said, “Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.” As a marketing agency, Orpical Group will provide new, original ideas (not just cheesy quotes) to differentiate clients and stimulate consumers in an age of ceaseless competition and media.


A farm without a farmer is piece of land on its way to becoming a really thick forest. The point being: creative ideas are useless unless used. It is our responsibility as the marketing agency to make sure our ideas come to fruition on time and within budget.

Measured Results

We provide interim reports so clients can see where resources were invested and evaluate our overall performance. Everything is accounted for including our time, development expenses, and more to show you a true cost per lead (CPL) and return of investment (ROI).

Expect Responsibility / Accountability

Many moons ago, when we were a fraction of who we are today, our small executive team had a heated debate. It was over an important client that we had done lots of “projects” for. We were now in the midst of managing a full-fledged online marketing campaign. Things were going, but they were not going according to plan, mainly because there was no real plan.

From that day forward, we made an important promise: Every project needs a detailed plan. And every activity set in the project plan needs to clearly state what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, who’s responsible, when the activity will be complete, and what we expect to get out of it.

Culture predicated on responsibility/accountability is a huge differentiation for agencies. Yet, not all agencies do the two things well, nor do they understand the key differences:

As a client, you should expect your marketing agency to provide you with who’s responsible for what and have mechanisms to hold those in charge accountable. Otherwise, how do you truly know where your money is going?

Providing responsibility/accountability does not need to be over-thought. A simple project plan can consolidate question marks, get everyone on the same page, and keep the client informed. Remember, you need to know:

What We’re Doing

This should be broken into micro tasks.

Why We’re Doing It

We know why we’re doing something, but does the client?

Who’s Responsible

Delegate. Delegate. Delegate.

When Will We Do It By?

Deliverables are cool–like really really cool.

What Do We Expect To Get Out Of It

It better be good!


After coffee, but soon…

You do not simply hire an agency to design a nice car and a detailed road map. You hire an agency to evaluate all possible roads, design and drive the most efficient car (with you riding shotgun), then, once you reach your destination, show you the odometer, check the fuel, rotate the tires, and help you plan for the next journey. You hire a marketing agency to get you to your destination faster and with less bumps in the roads. You should expect them to never put things on “cruise control.”

*Veronis Suhler Stevenson press release, VSS Releases 2009-2013 Forecast, August 3, 2009.