Where to Get a Business Logo Designed: Poem

Have you gone to the web in search for a new beginning? Have you thought: “I have a great idea that would make Charlie Sheen scream ‘Winning!'”

Where to get a business logo designed you Google, Bing, or Yahoo! But as the search results begin to pour in, you feel like you are lost at the zoo.

“Pick me!” yells Fiverr, a global online marketplace, who paid their way to the top of the race. “We have over 100,000 sellers, ” Fiverr begins to say, failing to mention that though their logos start at $5, that’s usually not what you pay.

After wasting hours on Fiverr looking for the perfect gig, you realize that there is no such thing, and that Fiverr might be too big. Why limit your designs? Why do the logos all look the same? Your business should not look cookie cutter—that is pretty lame!

So back to your search results you go, still without a design. You modify your search this time to get a logo design online. “Forget those ads,” you say to yourself. “The product of my own labor will be my wealth!”

Scrolling down you begin to see: There are lots of logo generators that promise you can make your own logo super easy. Logogenie, GraphicSprings, Tailor Brands—you choose one and create an account. But after playing around with a gallery of stock images you can see why their service comes at a discount.

Again, you don’t want something tacky. And when you try to design a logo on your own, or with a generator, the final product looks really wacky. So where do you turn for that new beginning you seek? There is no reason to fret, nor reason to freak. There is no need to be lost at the zoo, when you can consult with a logo designer who is waiting near you.

Professional logo designers are the only way because they move all the bull crap out of your way. They have the knowledge, they have the insight, they will make sure your logo is done right. Shop local and you will be satisfied. You will know that your brand is unique and your investment will be more than justified.