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What Online Advertisers Need To Know For Black Friday And Cyber Monday

With COVID-19 altering the global economic landscape in 2020, businesses and retailers have had to overcome practically every conceivable challenge in the past 8 or 9 months. Now businesses, companies, and advertisers alike are preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals which, like everything else in 2020, are seeing some drastic changes. With many […]


The #1 Problem With Home Improvement Lead Generation Companies

Whether it’s attic insulation, solar, windows, or anything in between, a home improvement business owner’s primary goal is to convert job leads into appointments and sales. Getting leads is the easy part. There’s dozens of different channels including old school methods like canvassing, cold calling, trade shows, and direct mail. In addition, newer channels such […]


Any “Good” Agency Vs. Orpical — Sifting Through The Noise

Hello, Welcome to Orpical Group. If you’ve spent some time digging around on our website you might be wondering: What makes Orpical different than other digital marketing agencies? This is a great question! Competitive advantage is a relatively simple subject for most industries, but it’s tricky when it comes to marketing and advertising agencies. There […]

The Preferred Way To Improve CTR On AdWords

CTR, short for click-through-rate, is an important metric to evaluate when running Google AdWords campaigns. It is the number of clicks that your ad received divided by the total number of impressions. A higher CTR means your ads are reaching your target audience. On the flip side, a low CTR means your ads are typically […]

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What You Need Versus What You Can Afford

What you need and what you can afford: two vastly different circumstances. Some of my favorite meetings have been with entrepreneurs and startups. And some of my least favorite meetings have been spent staring at spreadsheet columns and data until my eyes bleed. My most productive meetings? They follow a simple recipe: a forward-thinking “what […]


Why You Need HTTPS for Your Website

Do I need and SSL Certificate?  Not necessarily, but it’s probably the best way to get HTTPS. Do I need HTTPS for my website? Absolutely. HTTPS connections are enabled when an SSL certificate is configured for a website on a web server. For the record, there are other ways to enable HTTPS, like TLS (Transport […]