Web Design Company in New Jersey Makes SSL Certificate Installation a Priority for All Clients

Orpical Group, a web design and development company in New Jersey, announced their plans to make Secure Socket Layer – SSL Certificate Installation a priority for all clients. The announcement followed the company’s own successful switch to HTTPS, a communications protocol for secure communication over the Internet.

Google announced earlier in the year that they would begin displaying the security of connections in the address bar of Chrome Version 56. In addition, they would display this message on pages that display a password and/or a credit card field. Orpical Group cited this as the beginning of a long-term plan to mark all HTTP pages and content non-secure.

“No question about it, this is the year of HTTPS and SSL Certificates for websites,” said Stefan Schulz, Chief Operations Officer, Orpical Group. “Big time players, browsers and search engines, are adjusting their perspective and platforms to address the growing concern of authentication, data integrity, and encryption. It’s our responsibility to our clients to meet and ultimately exceed the industry standards, not just as a precautionary measure, but as a strategic implementation that can provide measurable returns.”

Schulz further scrutinized the protocol changes and it’s impact on the small business market: “Search engines and browsers are warning users of non-secure content, but the warning is subtle, so much so that many small business owners, and those providing good, valuable content, are missing the message. It’s not like Google is showing up at your door with a letter saying, ‘Hey–you need this SSL Certificate thing or you’re going to lose impressions, clicks, and potential customers.’”

In effort to make the transition from HTTP to HTTPS as simple as possible with little to no interruption to live websites, Orpical Group has developed a new service offering, GOGET SECURE, which offers fast, proper SSL Installation for small to mid-sized businesses. The Professional SSL Installers at GOGET SECURE, help businesses obtain the right certificate, install on their hosting server, update the configuration of their website, and more.


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