Haddon Township, NJ – (March 17, 2022) Leading Digital Marketing Agency, Orpical Group, was selected by Designrush.com as one of the Top Web Design Companies in New Jersey.

Design Rush is a wholly virtual B2B connector of dots that creates a space to forge relationships among businesses and highly qualified professionals to suit varying business needs. Their extensive database of agencies aids other companies in finding the ideal business support staff. They rank the best companies by utilizing four tiers of markers: Agencies, Web eCommerce and Apps, Marketing and Technology.

Orpical Group’s COO, Stefan Schulz ecstatically expressed, “At Orpical, we work diligently to give our clients the best web design services and a high-end product that can scale with their business. We are extremely honored to be included as a top provider by Design Rush. We know their vetting and screening process is rigorous, thorough, and held in high regard.”

For more information on DesignRush, how they rank web design companies, and to view Orpical Group’s listing, please visit DesignRush.com.

About Orpical Group

Orpical Group is a full-service business consulting firm and digital marketing agency based in New Jersey and Philadelphia. The agency specializes in branding, web design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click management, and marketing automation.

Haddon Township, NJ – (February 1, 2022) Orpical Group has been selected as one of the Best Marketing Agencies in Camden by Expertise.com for their professionalism and reputation in the digital marketing community.

Top Digital Marketing Agency in Camden

Expertise.com uses five selection criteria and 25 different variables to curate its top 10 lists of service providers in a given area. Orpical Group was chosen to be featured on this list because of its qualifications, availability, reputation, experience, and professionalism.

Orpical Group’s consistently and overwhelmingly positive online reviews from clients across the board gave us an A+ rating from Expertise.com in our reputation score.

Expertise.com also uses mystery shoppers to call in and evaluate providers on their professionalism which they measure by the company’s responsiveness, helpfulness, detail, and friendliness. Orpical Group received an A+ rating from Expertise.com in all four of these categories.

“We’re grateful to be selected as one of the best digital marketing agencies in Camden by Expertise.com. We know that they have a rigorous screening process, so this recognition is something we do not take lightly,” said Orpical Group’s COO Stefan Schulz of the recognition.

Schulz cites the company’s results-driven, goal-oriented approach to digital marketing strategy as the reason for this accolade.

“We remain committed to providing local businesses with quantifiable results and growth in every aspect of their online presence,” said Schulz.

Orpical Group is a full-service digital marketing agency and business consulting firm based in New Jersey and Philadelphia. We specialize in business development, branding, web design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click management, and marketing automation.

About Orpical Group

Orpical Group is a full-service business consulting firm and digital marketing agency based in New Jersey and Philadelphia. The agency specializes in branding, web design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click management, and marketing automation.

Haddon Township, NJ – (October 25, 2021) Orpical Group, a business consulting and digital marketing agency, has announced the acquisition of Hotairflight.com in a joint partnership. Hot Air Flight is the leading resource for hot air balloon pricing, manufacturers, hot air balloon rides, and general resources for hot air balloon enthusiasts.

The acquisition marks the first expansion for Orpical Group under their newest business venture: the Website Investment Trust (WIT) model. Modeled after Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Orpical Group is looking to redefine how a digital marketing agency can bring value to its clients and shareholders through the WIT venture.

As more digital properties are acquired and added to the WIT portfolio, Orpical Group will look to use the increased revenue and business partnerships to expand their traditional agency services.

“It might seem strange to some people, but it’s exactly according to plan for us,” Edward DuCoin, Chief Executive Officer of Orpical Group, said. “As the WIT portfolio expands, so too do our revenue streams. This initiative gives us the infrastructure to improve what we provide clients today and secure what we provide shareholders in the future.”

Hotairflight.com will join a family of pre-existing digital properties already under Orpical Group’s ownership but will be the first acquisition since those properties were folded into the WIT portfolio.

Orpical Group specifically targeted the hot air balloon industry after background research indicated the sector was poised for reliable growth in the coming years. The market’s revenue was 316 million USD in 2019 and is estimated to reach 432 million USD in 2025.

“We were intrigued by the hot air balloon market for a number of reasons,” Stefan Schulz, Chief Operating Officer of Orpical Group, said. “For one, it’s a hyper-niche market. But on top of that, we found that the space was largely under-developed with a ton of consumer demand. Hot Air Flight has an established authority in the space and we’re excited about the opportunity to build on the existing framework, scale it using our expertise and resources, and use it to as a basis for future acquisitions.”

Orpical Group will continue to pursue and acquire exciting digital properties across any industries with promising financial trends.

About Orpical Group

Orpical Group is a full-service business consulting firm and digital marketing agency based in New Jersey and Philadelphia. The agency specializes in branding, web design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click management, and marketing automation.

The “A” in Orpical stands for Altruistic.

In our mission statement we state:

As a profitable company, we will have the capital to be devoted to the welfare of others.

On behalf of our employees, clients, vendors, and friends, in the past few weeks, Orpical has donated to the following organizations:

Cathedral Kitchen

Cathedral Kitchen is the largest emergency food provider in Camden, NJ, serving more than 100,000 meals a year. Case Managers assists our dinner guests and students with a variety of needs and provides referrals to other agencies that can help. Dental care services including cleanings, fillings, extractions, and dentures are provided in our on-site health suite.

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Ujenzi Charitable Trust

Ujenzi is named for the Swahili Ujenzi, meaning to build or to construct. Ujenzi is committed to supporting the essential human right that all people have access to basic quality healthcare. Ujenzi helps support includes:

  • Programs that allow for transformation of sustainable healthcare
  • Improving basic human rights, especially for women and children

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F4 Foundation

The F4 Foundation promotes faith, family, freedom, & fun. The writers of the Declaration of Independence dreamt of something similar when they wrote that all men (and women) were endowed by their creator (Faith) with certain inalienable rights, including life, (Family) liberty, (Freedom) and the pursuit of happiness. (Fun).

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Wounded Warrior Project

Wounded Warrior Project is a charity and veterans service organization that offers a variety of programs, services, and events for wounded veterans of the military actions following September 11, 2001. It operates as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

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Goats of Anarchy

GOA is an award-winning, sanctuary for special needs baby goats (along with other animal friends that we just have to help). We are a registered charity (501c3), and all tax-deductible donations go towards vet fees, food, shelter and prosthetics for the baby goats.

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We are often asked where the name Orpical originated.

Actually, the company name is an acronym for the principles we seek in each other (the employees), also in vendors, clients, and partners.

After some “interesting” business relationships, we decided to begin an organization based on the foundation of Optimism, Respect, Passion, Integrity, Curiosity, Altruism and Loyalty…

Optimistic: We expect the best outcome for our employees and clients

Respect: The consistent consideration of all we encounter in a courteous manner.

Passion: Engaging enthusiasm for the positive wellbeing of people, opportunities and our planet.

Integrity: To be known as individuals and a company of scrupulous integrity.

Curiosity: Be a company that is always eager to teach, learn and grow.

Altruistic: As a profitable company we will have the capital to be devoted to the welfare of others.

Loyalty: Steadfast adherence to our commitments and what we stand for as a united company.

In no way are we perfect. There are many days the above attributes are not realized and may be contradicted. While we will never fully achieve “Orpical” every day in all actions, all we can do is to be committed to behaving in a manner that represents the founding principals of the company. We believe knowing that we will never be perfect enables us to take chances and continue to grow in many ways.

Here at Orpical Group, we believe that retainer is a dirty word.

That’s why we banned the word retainer from our company’s vocabulary.

This isn’t a direct shot at retainers as a whole. In fact, we are huge advocates of these types of relationships; they are critical to our overall business. Retainers provide great, predictable opportunities that allow us to sink our teeth into a brand so we can provide better value over an extended period of time.

Our retainer clients know what to expect in terms of billing, which allows for better budgeting and forecasting. It also enables our digital marketing agency to spend less resources on seeking new business, sharpening our client focus. Retainers also allow us to better plan and disperse our resources, creating a generally smoother, more efficient workflow.

With all that being said, we’ve surveyed a variety of people, both in and out of the industry, and there is an overwhelming consensus: retainer just isn’t a sexy word.

We asked a number of different people, “What do you think of when you hear the word retainer?”

Here are some replies:

  • “My orthodontist.”
  • “A lot of money.”
  • “Something big and bulky that goes in my mouth.”
  • “A hold.”
  • “Ew, gross.”
  • “What I give my lawyer every month.”

Here’s what we wished we heard:

  • “A smart investment that enables strategic marketing partner(s) to consistently deliver exceptional results.”

That just wasn’t the case.

As we identified, the concept of retainers aren’t the problem. It’s the general perception of the word, which is diluted by other unrelated experiences. Damn the English language and homophones for being so confusing!

Think about it this way: do you want to retain the same amount of business, or do you want to gain more exposure, more leads, and more business?

To demonstrate our commitment to regainer over retainer, we’ve implemented Swear Jar to our company Slack channel. Swear jar provides a Slack bot that converts colorful language and buzzword-speak (like retainer) to small charitable donations.

While we don’t want to slip up and condone a stagnant marketing environment, we figure that if/when we do, it might as well support a good cause. Use of the word retainer outside of this post and Slack, will be monitored under a company-wide honor-policy, where employees, clients and friends are encouraged to “bust chops” when they hear it.

Tech publications and businesses alike are taking notice of GoGet Secure, the unique HTTPS conversion service provided by New Jersey’s Orpical Group.

Philadelphia PA, (July 2, 2018) — Orpical Group, a rapidly-growing digital marketing and business consulting agency, is gaining traction in the tech industry as businesses and users alike prepare for a big shift in how Google Chrome displays websites to their users.

Orpical Group’s GoGet Secure service provides a fully-managed HTTP to HTTPS conversion process for business’ websites. As Google prepares for a massive shift in security policy this summer, GoGet Secure has become a premier name in web security solutions.

Starting in July, Google Chrome will be marking any HTTP site as “not secure” to users with a label in the address bar. In addition, HTTPS sites will no longer have the green “Secure” icon next to their address. The change comes as Google looks to further solidify HTTPS as the standard for security on the internet.

“This is a cross-industry shift with serious financial consequences,” Edward DuCoin, CEO of Orpical Group, said. “Chrome leads the pack when it comes to browsers. This change is going to result in higher bounce rates, less traffic, and less sales for businesses who don’t make the change.”

HTTP websites are already major issues for large-scale businesses — ESPN, BBC, and Business Insider among many guilty of insecure domains — and the problem is even more damaging for small and midsize businesses. While Disney may be able to take the financial hit until they resolve the issue, small and midsize business that rely on their website for sales will be hit harder and have a lower capacity for rapid response.

To aid these businesses, Orpical Group developed GoGet Secure, a unique custom service which handles the entire conversion process for business owners. GoGet Secure handles every step of the conversion process securely and efficiently. Recently featured in Technical.ly Philly, Orpical Group’s GoGet Secure solution is designed to solve pressing security issues and avoid losing conversions to a previously unforeseen obstacle.

“A lot of business owners are so focused on running the business that deadlines like this seemingly sneak up on them, ” Stefan Schulz, COO or Orpical Group, said. “With GoGet Secure, we give them the ability to continue scaling their business while we ensure that business’ digital security remains intact.”

About Orpical Group

Orpical Group provides full-service digital marketing and business consulting services across diverse industries, including green energy, education, e-commerce, construction, consumer products, and many more. Based in New Jersey and Philadelphia, Orpical Group has gained recognition as a reliable partner for businesses seeking scalable growth and ongoing success. Drawing on decades of business, technology, and communications experience, Orpical Group partners with clients to create innovative digital experiences.

MARLTON, NJ (June 1, 2017)Following impressive growth in 2016, which included accolades from the Philadelphia Business Journal as a Top Web Design & Development Agencies, and Top Tech Employer, Orpical Group recently opened a new office in Philadelphia.

Stefan Schulz, Chief Operations Officer and Orpical Group team member since 2012 is holding the reigns on the Philadelphia location, located in Center City on Walnut Street. Schulz and his team are focused on managing the current base of marketing and web development clients, as well as developing new business within the region.

The new office is in partnership with the WeWork community, an organization that strives to create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living. WeWork provides a fun, shared, and creative environment for businesses through modern office space. The WeWork community hosts many like-minded professionals, including graphic designers, programmers, business consultants, and other creative minds.

“Our team of web developers and marketing professionals are excited to be surrounded by and collaborating with other creatives,” said Stefan Schulz. “We are focused on growing our digital marketing services and products, and rely on teamwork and energy to stay on top of our game. This new location in Philadelphia gives us the space and resources to do exactly that.”

While Orpical Group is headquartered across the bridge in New Jersey, opening a Philadelphia location was a sound next step.

“In the five years that we’ve been growing this company, we’ve moved a handful of times looking for the right mix of flexibility and productivity,” said Edward DuCoin, Orpical Group CEO and President. “In a digital age, working from home is important, but so is collaboration. With our new location, we will have the best of both worlds to support our clients and team mentally and financially.”

DuCoin went on to say, “Our clients are spread throughout the U.S. and Canada, so they understand the importance of our Philadelphia presence, and are excited about our continued expansion.”

With the addition of this new office, Orpical Group is prepared for sustainable growth in 2017 and beyond.


Orpical Group is a full-service marketing firm. Based in New Jersey (NJ), with creative locations in Philadelphia, we specialize in logo design, branding, web design and development, and online marketing. Since 2012, we have helped our clients realize and sustain high levels of individual and organizational performance. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all marketing plan. We believe in our clients. And our clients believe in us because we are invested in success. For more information on Orpical Group and our web design and marketing services, please contact us.

Orpical Group, a web design and development company in New Jersey, announced their plans to make Secure Socket Layer – SSL Certificate Installation a priority for all clients. The announcement followed the company’s own successful switch to HTTPS, a communications protocol for secure communication over the Internet.

Google announced earlier in the year that they would begin displaying the security of connections in the address bar of Chrome Version 56. In addition, they would display this message on pages that display a password and/or a credit card field. Orpical Group cited this as the beginning of a long-term plan to mark all HTTP pages and content non-secure.

“No question about it, this is the year of HTTPS and SSL Certificates for websites,” said Stefan Schulz, Chief Operations Officer, Orpical Group. “Big time players, browsers and search engines, are adjusting their perspective and platforms to address the growing concern of authentication, data integrity, and encryption. It’s our responsibility to our clients to meet and ultimately exceed the industry standards, not just as a precautionary measure, but as a strategic implementation that can provide measurable returns.”

Schulz further scrutinized the protocol changes and it’s impact on the small business market: “Search engines and browsers are warning users of non-secure content, but the warning is subtle, so much so that many small business owners, and those providing good, valuable content, are missing the message. It’s not like Google is showing up at your door with a letter saying, ‘Hey–you need this SSL Certificate thing or you’re going to lose impressions, clicks, and potential customers.’”

In effort to make the transition from HTTP to HTTPS as simple as possible with little to no interruption to live websites, Orpical Group has developed a new service offering, GOGET SECURE, which offers fast, proper SSL Installation for small to mid-sized businesses. The Professional SSL Installers at GOGET SECURE, help businesses obtain the right certificate, install on their hosting server, update the configuration of their website, and more.


Orpical Group is a full-service marketing company. Based in New Jersey (NJ), we specialize in logo design, branding, web design and development, and internet marketing. Since 2012, we have helped our clients realize and sustain high levels of individual and organizational performance. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all marketing approach. We believe in our clients. And our clients believe in us because we are invested in success.

MARLTON, NJ (January 2, 2017) — Orpical Group, a full-service New Jersey marketing company is investing big in web content. To kick off Q1-2017, Orpical Group launched their new content development services hub called EditPaste.

EditPaste by Orpical Group offers busy business owners a way to buy unique, ready-made articles, infographics, and other media. Subscribers choose what type of website content they want, plus how often they would like to receive communication. From there, the makers of EditPaste will create and hand-deliver unique articles for search engine optimization (SEO) via email. Subscribers can then purchase the content they want customized for their business. In addition, they can add web posting, social media distribution, reporting and support for their purchased content upon checkout.

“The launch of EditPaste was a byproduct of listening to our clients that are small to mid-sized businesses,” said Stefan Schulz, Lead Product Developer of EditPaste. “We constantly heard stories of businesses getting burned by content developers for one reason or another. EditPaste eliminates the risk of investing in content by providing the end product up front. We’re putting our money where our mouth is and letting it talk for us.”

Schulz went on to emphasize the exclusivity of the content provided by EditPaste. “Good content is like art—the rarer it is, the more valuable. There is no commitment when signing up with EditPaste. You are not obligated to purchase anything. Though everything we create will be highly focused to increase search rankings to demonstrate a return-of-investment. Just remember, the content you do not claim could be the ticket to your competitor’s fame.”

Edward DuCoin, CEO, Orpical Group added: “We’re very excited to provide an innovative marketing solution which addresses a true need in the small business marketplace. Content is King and EditPaste is the King’s crown jewel.”

About EditPaste

EditPaste by Orpical Group is an improved way for busy business owners to buy articles for their website and blog. Simply sign up to join the EditPaste mailing list and receive engaging, targeted content delivered to your inbox each week. For more information on EditPaste, or to sign up to start receiving custom content, please visit www.orpical.com/editpaste/, or email Stefan Schulz at editpaste@orpical.com.

About Orpical Group

Orpical Group is a full-service marketing company. Based in New Jersey (NJ), we specialize in logo design, branding, web design and development, and internet marketing. Since 2012, we have helped our clients realize and sustain high levels of individual and organizational performance. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all marketing approach. We believe in our clients. And our clients believe in us because we are invested in success. For more information on Orpical Group and their marketing services, please contact us.

MARLTON, NJ (August 26, 2016) – It’s an exciting time for Orpical Group, a full-service marketing agency that specializes in web design and development.

The NJ web design company made the Philadelphia Business Journal’s Branding Marketing and Media Services List, which features more than 1,000 of the best companies in their fields, by ranking.

“We are thrilled to have our business recognized by The Philadelphia Business Journal,” said Stefan Schulz, Orpical’s Chief Operating Officer, who was identified on the list as a top local executive. “We’ve seen significant advances in the world of web design and web development over the course of the last several years, yet we’ve continued to have the same goal in mind. We partner with primarily small to midsize business owners who are living their passion and offer them powerful tools to take back control of their online marketing.”

Schulz joined the team in 2012, bringing with him experience as a writer, designer, brand enthusiast and marketing professional.

“Today branding often starts with a logo and a website, but a great brand is a never-ending story,” Schulz said. “We’ve worked hard to develop an easy-to-understand web design process that doesn’t just come to a screeching halt after we launch our design. Websites are meant to be updated because businesses change. Our clients are confident and feel empowered that they can make these changes beyond the initial scope.”

While many of Orpical’s clients use their services for marketing and web development needs, Chief Executive Officer Edward DuCoin said the heart and soul of the company is in the long-term partnerships it forms with clients.

“A small percentage of the time, when it makes sense for all, we will get deeply involved with a client after web development is complete,” said DuCoin. “In these cases, we act similar to a venture capitalist or angel investor. We invest intellectual capital and our own money to develop brands and collateral to promote sales both internally and externally. An example of this would be Delaware Valley Home Eco Tech (DVHET), which was founded on a relationship with one of our clients, Yellowblue. We fell in love with Yellowblue’s products while redesigning their website, so we decided to create DVHET to share our passion with our local community. In doing so, we learned more about the industry than we ever could have before, helping us better serve our client from a marketing perspective.”

Future expansion of the company and its services is on the radar, as DuCoin and Schulz said they both aim to further promote their competitive advantages.

“There are a lot of great designers that can make a website look sharp,” DuCoin said. “But there are not a lot of designers that acquire a profound understanding and interest in the market that makes a website tick. Getting recognized by the Philadelphia Business Journal is really a great accomplishment for us. It marks a point in time where we have begun to define ourselves not just as great designers, but as a company that provides expansive marketing and business services.”

One of Orpical Group’s local clients was Sheets Surf & More, a sheets, linen and beach towel rental and delivery company that services visitors to the Jersey Shore.

“Working with Orpical was a great experience,” raved owner Kellie Montana. “They not only designed a great logo and a website, but their other business ideas were really helpful and I would highly recommend them for any design and business project.”

Looking for WordPress Web Design in NJ? We can help.

Orpical Group is a full-service marketing agency based in New Jersey specializing in web design, branding, creative strategy, operations and sales. Since 2012, Orpical Group has helped clients realize and sustain high levels of individual and organizational performance. To learn more about Orpical Group and their web design and development services, including WordPress web design in NJ, please email info@orpical.com.


The Philadelphia Business Journal is part of the national Business Journal network. The Business Journals deliver to a total business audience of more than 10 million people via 43 web sites, 64 publications and more than 700 industry-leading events. The company, which covers business at the local, regional and national level, provides more national business coverage than any other business media organization.