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Why is My Website Not Secure?

“How dare you say my website is not secure Google — you don’t even know me!” With nearly 60% of the browser market share, Chrome is no longer the new kid on the block, it’s popping off! And whether we like it or not, Google seems to know what’s best for us and the web as […]

New Jersey Based Marketing Firm Opens Philadelphia Office

MARLTON, NJ (June 1, 2017) — Following impressive growth in 2016, which included accolades from the Philadelphia Business Journal as a Top Web Design & Development Agencies, and Top Tech Employer, Orpical Group recently opened a new office in Philadelphia. Stefan Schulz, Chief Operations Officer and Orpical Group team member since 2012 is holding the reigns on […]

What to Expect From a Marketing Agency

It’s estimated that 1 trillion dollars is funneled through marketing and advertising agencies, which in turn stimulates a large portion of our global economy.* Now more than ever, businesses are partnering with agencies that can help them make sense of all the commotion that comes from a complex and data-driven world, overloaded consumers, and pressure […]

Quick Fix: Redirect Attachment Pages in WordPress

By default, WordPress will create new pages for your images and other attachments. What seems like a kind gesture by WordPress at first, actually ends up being a nuisance for pretty much every business owner, with the exception of a photographer here or there. No good deed goes unpunished. For those with themes that don’t have […]


The Google AdWords Agency Advantage

Choosing the wrong Google AdWords manager can severely impact your business. Google AdWords, and search marketing in general, pose a huge opportunity for you to promote a large portion of your business. The difference between a well-managed campaign and a badly managed one can mean thousands of dollars in potentially gained or lost revenue. There are many routes to go: […]

You Don’t Need a Creative Agency to be Creative

This might sound odd, especially coming from the project director of a full service creative agency, but you don’t need a creative agency to be creative. Wait, what?! Give me a chance to explain. First, look up any creative marketing, advertising, or web firm. Go to our menu of services for example. Notice that our creative agency services […]